Jan Svenungsson

"Psycho-Mapping Scandinavia"

a series of 66 drawings in black ink on paper, each 42x29,7 cm, 1995.
Above: drawing No. 1, No. 23 and No. 66.
PMS has been installed in the form of photocopies in Sarajevo in 1995; in Schwerin and at Moderna Museet in Stockholm in 1996; in Szczecin 1997; in Paris, Bergen, Pori and Melbourne in 1998; in Bucharest and Umeå in 2008; in Hökarängen/Stockholm in 2009; in Bogotá in 2010 and in Medellin in 2011. The original drawings have been shown only once: in Copenhagen 2002. Installation configurations vary. The title of this work was first "Vårt Land" (Our Country), which was then changed to "Psycho-Mapping Scandinavia", thanks to Kathrin Becker's article "Psycho-Mapping".

All 66 PMS drawings as single pages: start from here. PMS as animation.

The work in sections: drawings 1-13drawings 14-26drawings 27-39drawings 40-52drawings 53-66

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