Jan Svenungsson
Jan Svenungsson: An Artist's Text Book

An Artist's Text Book, by Jan Svenungsson

a book on artists' writing. English language. 84 pages. 210x147 mm. ISBN 978-951-53-3009-3. No illustrations, except a facsimile page from Paul Klee's "Pedagogical Sketchbook". Published 2007 by the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts / Kuvataideakatemia in Helsinki. Editorial assistance: Andrew Shields. Graphic Design: Henri Tani.

Currently (2016): the book can be ordered online here. For further orders and enquiries, please contact Henri Wegelius: henri.wegelius@uniarts.fi

In 2012 An Artist's Text Book was published in German translation (Ein Künstler-Text-Buch) as well as in a French translation (Écrire en tant qu'artiste). A Slovak translation appeared in 2014 (Umelec a písanie) .

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